This camera is a Zeiss Ikon Nettel presscamera with filmsize 9x12 cm and a tessar lens. It is the last version of the long line of presscameras with deckrullo focalplane shutters. There are some improvements between the Contessa-Nettel made Deckrullo I also have and this camera.
- Some wooden parts are replaced with steel
- Winding/shutterspeed setup is done with one knob instead of two knobs in earlier models
- shutter mechanism is more simplified and a bit more reliable, but more difficult to assemble
- the shutter curtain and strap/ribbon system is still the same and still very difficult to repair
In this camera the shutter cloth was ok, but as usual the rubber coating on the fabric was dried and ruined.
I disassembled the shutter and removed the old rubber with acetone. The old rubber had twisted the fabric a bit , but with acetone and water I could stretch it nearly to its old form. After drying, I secured the brass parts attached to the cloth with  some glue and then I painted the cloth with Tulip Soft acrylic fabric paint. It took several layers to make it entirely lightproof, but this paint does not thicken or twist the fabric so the geometry and thickness stay the same. Also the fabric remains as flexible as the rubber when new. After cleaning the mechanism, I started adujsting the shutter speeds.
As usual in old focal plane shutters, they have never actually been able to achieve the maximum speeds they are supposed to, so all other speeds but the fastest are accurate enough by the standards of the time when this camera was made. I have read several books and from other sources from the early 1920's and 1930's which discuss the functionality, usage and problems of focalplane shutters, that the top speeds have actually been even in the best situations only half of their supposed value. After all the work, I took some pictures with it and despite of the unreliability problems with these kind of shutters, it is still a very nice camera to use.

Above is a picture of the case, one of the filmholders and a set of filters of the Nettel presscamera.

Here is the camera itself.

Focusing knob, shutterspeed setting/ winding dial and the shutter release button.

Distance scale, included is also the distance scale for a tele-Xenar lens

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