This camera is a Van Neck presscamera made in England. The flash in the pictures seems to be the original flash that came with the camera. According to the seller from whom I bought this, this Van Neck was used by a professional photographer. When I got it, it was covered with all kinds of dirt and spiderweb. The 4 pictures below show what it looked like before and after an extensive cleaning, restoring and repairing job. Naturally as this camera has been used professionally, it is quite worn in some places, but as always I do not try to repair what can be called normal wear according to it's usage. Also now the shutter functions perfectly, as there was quite a lot of spiderweb and the remains of the spider itself inside the shutter mechanism. As I share the spiders love towards old presscameras, I decided to honor it's memory and not to take a picture of it. Instead the remains of the spider were laid down to peaceful rest inside my vacuum cleaner. :)
Here are some details about the camera: Shutter speeds are from 1/10 sec. to 1/1000 sec,  lens is a Ross London 6" (152mm) XPRES f/4.5 - f/45 made in England and the filmsize is about 9x12cm. The camera is made mostly out of metal and leather and also some bakelite used here and there. As the camera is made of metal, it is very heavy and very sturdy. Also the flash weighs quite a lot, so the pressphotog who used this must have been in excellent condition while running around with this. One thing is very strange though, the shutter is almost identical to the shutter used in Minimum Palmos presscams made by Ica several decades earlier. The knobs are the same, mechanism is almost the same and the curtains are the same..... I have also seen custom made british presscams that have been built using the same kind of shutter and other parts. It seems that there was probably some custom cameramaker for pressphotogs in England, that modified presscams with
different parts from different presscams from various decades.  Here is a link to a page with more pictures of the camera and the repairing.

I am still however missing a bipost-connector cord for connecting the camera and the flash, so if anyone has a suitable cord, I might be interested in buying one.


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