This is a Panros quarter-plate sized presscamera made by Ross of London. It has a very advanced shutter mechanism considering it was probably made around 1910-1920. Only one knob for winding the shutter and setting the shutter speeds and the shuttercurtains stay closed when winding. Also this camera folds into a quite compact package and is very slim. I have two of these Panros cameras, a larger 5x4 inch sized one and this smaller camera. However according to some information I have found, this camera is a newer second version advertised as "1910 Panros" and the larger camera that is still under repair is the older first version which was introduced around 1909. This camera and its larger brother have not stood very well against time as the wood used in them is prone to cracking by itself when old enough and as the cameras main structures are made of very thin wood they are now quite fragile. This newer camera has metal reinforcements in corners which makes it a bit sturdier and also made this camera easier to restore. The struts are a bit like the ones used by Ernemann Klapp at the time, but are much thinner and therefore not very sturdy....again another very big design failure. Also the struts springs are attached straight to wooden structures so that the already fragile wood has to bear the added force of the struts. Probably also the finder is not original and was installed later. Also sometime during 1940-1950 someone added a flash sync to this camera, below among the pictures there is a pic that shows the flash cord connector.

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