This is Ica Minimum Palmos strut folding presscamera. Filmsize is 9x12 cm. Originally Minimum palmos was one of the first cameras made under Carl Zeiss name as Carl Zeiss Jena bought the small camera manufacturer Palmos A.G and formed Carl Zeiss Palmos. Carl Zeiss Palmos merged with Wunsche, Huttig and Krugener to form Ica in 1909.
This camera is  a very well made camera. It's construction is solid metal and it is very sturdy. The lensboard can be moved sideways and also rotated to allow moving to other directions. Aiming is done thru a viewfinder or a groundglass screen. Lens is a Zeiss Tessar, but I have heard that other lenses were used too.

In the pictures below you can see the knobs for setting the shutter speed, shuttercloth's slitwidth and shuttertension. Shutter is wound from the biggest knob that also sets the slitwidth. Also you can see the GGS back opened in viewing position. In the picture below and right you can see an accessory distancescale made for easier focusing.


Below and left is a picture of the ICA logo and to the right is one of the several plateholders that came with this camera.


Below are two pictures of the plateholderback used with the platefilmholders. With this plateholderback the plateholders can be changed in daylight. This back takes one plateholder at a time.


    Here is the case that came with the camera.

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