This is an old wooden tripod made by ICA. It came with my Zeiss Ikon Nettel presscamera and it's carrying bag has straps to attach it to the Nettel's case.
As usual for these folding and compact wooden tripods of the early 20th century, it is not very rigid.
This tripod has 2 folding joints and 1 sliding extension in each of the legs. When extended the legs are locked into place with either a metal part that clips into place or by a screw. Alhought this tripod is very finely made and is still in excellent condition, it is still not a very good tripod because of being a bit too lightweight and not so sturdy. Although in many books it is said that when purchasing a tripod one must always do a compromise between sturdiness and portability, I think that this is not so important with todays tripods as it was in the old days. But probably if nothing else could be used as a tripod, this would do. Here are some pictures of it.


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