This camera is a Dallmeyer Speed camera with a fast Dallmeyer Pentac F2.0 lens and a focal plane shutter. This camera was designed for fast speed photography in the early part of the 20th century.  The platesize of this camera is about 6x9 cm, but there was also one made with smaller filmsize. Although this camera was sold under the Dallmeyer brand, it was actually designed and made by Nyman & Guardia. There are several N&G logos in the camera , filmpack holder and the plateholders, however on the case there is just the Dallmeyer text inside. The lens can be changed in this camera and there was at least a tele-lens available for this camera. I have heard a rumour that there was also a wide-angle lens, but I have not been able to get a confirmation if this is true. There were also some accessories made for this camera, but they are quite rare. If you have any accessories or lenses for this camera for sale, please let me know. Dallmeyer speed was a kind of a complete camera system in it's time and these cameras are very well built and beautifully made, they are just like small jewels. This camera is in a fine condition, except the shutter. As usual the shutter cloths are dried and don't move like they are supposed to. At some stage when I have time, I will repair the shutter, take some pictures with this camera and put them here on this page. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures below of this very beautiful camera.

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