This camera is a Dallmeyer Press Camera SLR equipped with a fast F3.5 Dallmeyer Press lens. It came with a case, several filmholders, GGS-back, film-pack holder and a couple of pieces of light sensitive POP paper for some old lightmeter. The camera, as usual with Dallmeyer cameras, is not made by Dallmeyer but by Thornton-Pickard and modified by Dallmeyer. Dallmeyer has made some modifications in the mechanisms, added a faster lens made by Dallmeyer and added a folding framefinder on top of the camera in addition to the usual hood. Also several minor cosmetic changes have been made. The camera itself and everything included with it are in excellent shape. In fact it seems that the camera has almost never been used, even the shutter curtains are in excellent shape even though they are as usual very dry and stuck. The shutter is of the excellent design and make by Thornton-Pickard and all the modifications made by Dallmeyer have made this improved version an excellent camera.
Below are some pictures of the camera.

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