I would call this camera the Voigtländer Klapp about size 9x12cm, but this is probably not the correct model name. As usual help in recognition is appreciated. I was so long looking for a presscamera made by Voigtländer that once this one came available I did not care about it's condition. However after closer inspection it was only missing a plateholder and a lens.. all else is there. The ideas behind this camera are really good for the time. The build and material quality are really good and the strut design is easy to use and really rigid, again improvement over others. And the shutter was really good in design, though now it still needs work to get it running again. I just started to wonder if Voigtländer could make cameras this good... I wonder what the accessories were like and especially why are they so rare and if found they are in very bad condition! If anyone knows more about history of this part of Voigtländer I will be happy to publish it here.


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