As Rolleiflexes were popular for so many decades as presscameras I decided to start with the first one. Of course this is not the first Rolleiflex TLR but it belongs to the first manufactured batch of Rolleiflex Automats. Automats were the first ones to have automatic film counter allowing user to wind the film forward and set the shutter very fast without the need for red windows in the back.
The first automats had bayonet attachment only in the taking lens and a clip on fitting on the upper lens. Therefore the lens cap and accessories are spesifc to this early model, next ones had already the standard attachment on both lenses.  Already at that time in late 1930's there were flashguns made for these early models as seen in the photos below. A very good almost perfect camera for the job and is even still. I wish they would make a digital version of Rolleiflex TLR with full sized 6x6 cm image sensor.

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