The 9x12 sized camera shown below was made somewhere in 1930's in Japan by Rokuoh-sha later known as Konica. Camera is equipped with what seems like an early Hexar lens. A very well made and still functional camera and it is obvious some parts are straight copies from some German and British cameras. However it seems also that who ever designed this camera wanted to also improve the design from the European origins and definitely succeeded in it. If someone can help me with identifying the accurate model and make year please contact me, as there is only the text of Rokuoh-sha shown in one of the pics below and that is all. It seems that this camera has had some mods done to it like the flash sync, but there has been several other "things" attached to it that now only show the marks where they used to be.  One especially interesting is a piece of leather removed from the top and replaced with another non matching piece.... I have seen sometimes like this patches and sometimes they have had markings the owner does not want anyone to see anymore. Under the patch there is nothing but metal. 

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