This camera was manufactured in England by APM (Amalgamated Photographic Manufacturers), a company  founded in 1921 and ended in around 1929. The company was the result of a merger of several british camera manufacturers, just like the merger of several companies to form Zeiss-Ikon that happened in Germany. I am not sure, but it seems that the real manufacturer behind this APeM presscamera is Thornton-Pickard.

When compared to many other presscameras, this has a certain kind of a well made feeling to it(many press cameras have a wobbly feeling with different kinds of strut mechanisms). The bellows are made of real leather, so there are no pinholes. And the bellows haven't dried out and are still flexible. The strut mechanism is very sturdy and all the parts are thick metal parts and attached very well into the body. Shutter cloth is also still flexible, no pinholes and fully working.

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